Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sooo, i know that Yeasayer isn't a new phenom, and LaBlogotheque isn't either.. but i've never posted about either, and since i was entertaining myself looking through LaBlogotheque vids (there's a whole bunch of new ones if you haven't checked in a while), i figured i had to put this up here. this is really an awesome stripped down version of the song in such a cool setting.. ok i'm done selling it, watch watch! 

...oh and if you wanna see another great take away show i've been watching the lykke li vid a lot lately too, it's a really catchy fun song that you should totally check out.. oh, she's preeetty cute too.. :)


 ok, have fun!! make sure to procrastinate all your HW and watch good videos!!!


BeccaBuns said...

figures you would comment on the cute girl... haha and yeah you literally now are the only one who can read mine.. haha , it's prolly better that way for the world..... don't know if they are ready for the angry bitter becca yet.... but now back to watching blogetheque or whatever it is that you put up... ciao amigo

BeccaBuns said...

I really liked that video.... its was cool... i knew there was a reason you were my friend...