Wednesday, October 8, 2008


so.. i know i take forever to put up new posts, but i figure that noone prolly reads this anyways, lol, so it guess it doesn't matter. but for anyone who does check, i was delving into some designy shtuf and found an article about artist Laura Gilbert who created 10,000 zero dollar bills and handed each of the signed copies out on wall street. ha, i mean, her voice doesn't need to be explained, she just had some great timing and her expression of the failing dollar/economy in such a way is a fun/inspirational way of conveying our fears and the magnitude of the current situation. hopefully voices like hers can be used as motivation for our future president (whoever it might be) to take control and steer our country out of this storm. oooooor, maybe we'll all be working on government projects 30's style. lol, i guess every city could use a new govvy funded bridge right? haha

Laura Gilbert Article and Video

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BeccaBuns said...

Can I get a zero bill that is awesome.. and yes i just read ur blog... haha