Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sooooo sorry for such a long delay. I've been absent from my online life for sure. School (which is awesome but demanding), work (pizza plant, and now I'm back to my internship, but this time I'm getting paid and I'm starting to do some stuff that's a little more design oriented), ya know how it is I'm sure. Actually I just got back from school doing a vis com project, can ya tell I kinda took over the entire room?? lol. Well, at least it's saturday and I got all my hw done for Monday! Which is awesome. 

So in my travels along the ever dusty, ever continuous pathway of the internet avenue, I stumbled across this vid. 
Don't you just wanna visit Japan? Holy future city! Yeah... so do I. So after I figure out and do the England thing, Tokyo here I come!! haha


BeccaBuns said...

Hey I thought argentina was next? with all that spanish and stuff? haha... figures i was just gonna yell at you to post something and voila you had a new post:) Keep working your butt off.... mek... looks like fun.

BeccaBuns said...

you have to give me your email so i can put you on........