Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well, my trip is coming to a close. Been over in Europe a few weeks now. Didn't go exactly as I had planned, but that's kind of the fun right? Plus, some amazing things happened that wouldn't have if my "plans" worked (back in London, stories to follow).

Anyway, Sooooo much inspiration the last few days. Just got back back from NewDesigners, a fantastic exhibition showcasing the best designers from the top art/design schools here in the U.K. It was really inspiring (and sometimes intimidating) to see how good these kids were. At the end of the day though, got super excited & inspired to better myself as a designer, go home and illustrate again, and started a great project with my buddy Josh. Design is so good, seriously.

Ok so if you haven't listened yet, go check out that tune by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. A fantastic tune from the young, 21 year old Brit. Excited to see where he goes

Ok long typing, next post will be a bit more pictures and stories from my trip. Hope all's well with er'one.


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