Friday, April 15, 2011


Ok so I realize that this is not news for many fans, but Twin Peaks is an amazing show. If you haven't watched it or heard of it it's a mystery/thriller/soap opera(sorta) created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Twin peaks only ran two seasons from 1990-1991 and is a fantastically quirky gem of a TV series. I highly recommend.

A good friend of mine and I started it on his recommendation but we were unable to finish it before he had the chance to move to British Columbia. Well after a period of not watching I found it on Netflix and decided to go for it, and I must say it's even better than I remembered. If you love Lynch films; Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Wild at Heart, etc; or really, if you like fun, you'll love it. Ok all ya Netflixers that haven't watched this yet, get to it.

Makes you just want some coffee doesn't it?

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