Friday, March 4, 2011

Das Racist

What to do tomorrow (Saturday) night in Buffalo?

Go see Das Racist. 

I know a lot of you remember This Song from last year; an awesomely repetitive/memorable tune with this possibly intentional (or unintentional?) comment on contemporary American consumerist culture. Ok that sounds lofty and maybe they were just having fun, but I think they knew what they were doing. Either way, it polarized listeners with it's style but in my opinion, was awesome. Since then they've released two mix-tapes; Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man. They even let ya download the entire mix-tapes for free right off their website, so there's no excuse not to check em out if ya haven't.

These Brooklyn-ites have a unique style of flow while combining their signature mix of comical and serious content. Their new stuff is pretty solid and def worth checking out. And if you're around BLO this weekend looking for something to do, def head out to Soundlab (110 Pearl Street, Buffalo NY 14202) and check out this show. It's gonna be awesome.

Oh and listen to this tune on the drive down.
-Hahahaha jk

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