Monday, December 8, 2008


Lol, so i'm still in the design lab. i count this post as somewhat of a break. Ha, i've been here since 1 today (its midnight). Buuuuut, i've been getting some good work done, so its awesome. lol, i think i've spent like 30 or more hours here so far this weekend. Soooo, awesome tho, i finally feel like my work is decent (no bs hand-ins i hope lol). Or, at least a good start, that'll be revised over break for review next sem. So... i guess i could post something right? Well here's version like 38 (no joke lol) of a logo for a record company that I made for my Visual Communications class. Perhaps it needs to go a lot farther, but its a good start. I'm happy-ish with it.

Ok, so i just spent way too much time tying to put some work in. i no longer care. Lol, i'll put some stuff up later, once i get THROUGH finals haha. Ok, i'm off, see yas.

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