Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok soooo.... such a weird thing has been presented at my school. In the midst of my confusion over what to do based on upcoming circumstances (here's a summary: i am taking a portfolio review next sem to let me into the design major at b state, if i fail i can't grad with this major, from here at least; so me and a friend are applying at a few school in nyc that we visited and really liked; my friend didn't get in and she's real good, unfortunately the review is a biased and favoritism focused experience so i don't know if i'm gonna pass next sem), i noticed that with all my credits and everything, i can graduate this coming spring if i change my major again. i'd change it to a kind of liberal arts (FA though) major and then i'd have a degree. but i want to be a designer so... what do i do?

The way that this could really work out tho, is say for instance, i don't make it into the major here, i can just get a degree, and then spend about 2 years (same time as before) finishing a 2nd degree (in graphic design). Maybe Purchase outside nyc. Or, maybe in london? Or maybe I could go to the Chicago Portfolio School to put together a bomb portfolio... The world is open to me. What do i do? I wait to see what schools do what.. and then I achieve...

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