Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yeah,so.. I haven't really been adding posts lately, i know, i suck. lol. but i figured it was time i stopped forgetting about my blog and put something up. not too much going on lately, just the usual summer work, party, work, routine. i gotta start getting ready for school tho, and there's so much i want to do before i have to go back to school too (eeeks, i start school a week from monday!!) but enough about that...

                                                        So I just finished East of Eden...

...and it was amazing. Such a great examination of life, religion, purpose etc. a great read for sure. Not as good as Grapes of Wrath I don't think, but awesome for sure. Everyone go read it! lol.

In other news I saw Radiohead again in Cleveland with Grizzly Bear opening; amazing for sure. Ok, I have too much to talk about so I'll sign off for now. Bye kids

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