Thursday, July 31, 2008

PiZzA pLaNt LoVe

So, work has been work lately, lol. I'm there sooo much these days, I don't know how I am, or more importantly, how I'm gonna survive once school starts... Oh man, I'm kinda nervous I'm not gonna lie, lol, but it's only for another 2 or 3 years right? haha. Oh man, whose dumb idea was it to go this long? Oh wait, that was me!!! Ha, and I'm def glad I'm doing it, it's just a long time in school. Ha, gotta enjoy it while it's there!! Ok, so back to work, I was at work the other day and had some fun with my pic cam. These show some of the "joys" of Pizza Plant. "Pizza plat love"; the middle two are nate making pods; and soper is at the bottom being the chip monster, haha

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Rebecca said...

hmmmm you artistic nerd