Thursday, May 15, 2008


So last weekend (May 9-12), my friend Joe and I travelled down to the D.C. We took his Mountaineer which was of course a million dollars of gas, but hey, it was a hotel too, so it's all good. 
Anyways, I wasn't able to get out of work on friday till 11 and after shower, pack drive the hour and a half to his house, etc.  I didn't meet up with Joe to begin our trip until the wee morning (I'm thinking we left Rochester, NY at about 2am if I remember correctly). Well, because of that we didn't roll into dc until about 10 or 11am, but it was a good drive nonetheless. Awake to see the sunset, we decided to stop and take a few pics. Not as good as they could have been, here's a few that we took during the morning light...

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