Thursday, May 15, 2008


basically, I've never created a blog before, but I decided the time was right to create (ha, basically school ended for the year, and I got time while I'm hanging out in my house for the summer). Soooo, this is my first effort, should be fun..

Lately I've been thinking about what type of blog i wanted to create (when i finally got around to it); a design
blog (my major), music blog (a favorite pastime), photography (another great pastime), etc. But I totally couldn't decide. So i decided to leave it completely open ended, a new band i found one day, a great picture I took the next, or maybe a great film I stumbled upon the day after that. Because of this, my blog might seem a bit scattered at the beginning but I hope as I learn how to best post, I will be able to organize everything is a productive manner. Here goes.. lol

Oh, and since I just got back from VA for a few shows, I figured I'd backtrack a few days before I started posting about the dailies.

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