Saturday, June 27, 2009

Away We Go?

Is Away We Go a hipster film?
Ya know, who the F' cares?

So if you don't know that I love Same Mendes' work, well, we haven't chatted movies. But this my good friends, is quite the departure for him. Instead of his usual study of the (depressing) nature of the American Middle Class (American Beauty, Revolutionary Road, and in a way, Road to Perdition as well) , this film is more focused on the literal and metaphorical journey(s) of life.

I know, there's some gimmicky "indie" moments within (you can see most of them in the trailer), but this film isn't meant for indiedom, nor does it bank it's marketability on this idea (ala Juno).

It's just,

Sidenote: does anyone (perhaps everyone?) else think that Alexi Murdoch is like Nick Drake's alter ego(or at least trying to be)?

Alexi Murdoch
Nick Drake
Is that a good thing? Do you guys think Nick did it better? Do you think Murdoch is improving on him?


Wendy said...

is it out yet? the movie that is. really wanna go see it.

i think murdock is just trying to be like nick. nick is better.

Moorea Seal said...

man, you know, i have really mixed emotions about the film. some parts I sincerely loved, but overall I really didn't like it. It felt contrived, almost pretentious in its attempt at trying to fit all things hipster into a film. It felt like it was trying really really hard to show "real life" but really it just left me feeling really hopeless and made me hate hipsters beyond the loathing that i already had. maybe I had set my hopes too high, or I was expecting something really different. I think I just don't like Dave Eggers writing. For some, his work is fabulous. But for me it just feels contrived and like he is just writing for and directly at pretentious middle/upper class Hipsters.

sad. i really wanted to like it.

and i like alexi murdoch sometimes, but he doesn't even come CLOSE to Nick Drake. Nick is a genius and a beautiful and sadly tormented soul.

Alexi is hip, similar to the movie. But Nick is truly moving and speaks on a different plane.