Thursday, May 21, 2009


You ever like have the best dream ever? Like the most uplifting, pointed dream that when you wake you realize how important certain things in life are?

Neither had I.
Till now.

"you said 'see look thats yours!
stacked on top with your brother's
see how they resemble one another
even in their plastic little covers'"

I fell asleep at like 4:30am, and I accidently left this song on repeat for the past 3 hours.
Bon Iver - Blood Bank

My Itunes play count is now 49,
and I just woke up to the most optimistic/pessimistic/realistic
dream memory that I've ever had,
with this as the soundtrack.
Ok, I know it's not "real", but it is. And, I don't know. I wonder at the power of music.

I don't know why I'm writing this, like at all. Except to say that things are ok. Everything's ok.


John said...

i was watching this and thought of you because of the song.

its old people reviewing music.

-Just- said...

ha that video was so funny.

"I like it"
"But it's sad"
"Cus' I'm a sad person"

That's an awesome vid series.