Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life on Mars

Holy Crap!

Did anyone else watch the season (lol most likely series) finale of Life on Mars?? Like, they were actually on mars!! Wha' da fuck? Seriously? Ha, that was unexpected. Was I the only one surprised??

Ok, to catch anyone else up that may never have watched it. The show was about a dude (Sam Tyler) who is a cop in 2008. He's doing something (expect me to remember that?), like trying to save his gf or something, when he gets hit by a car; and then wakes up in 1973. 

(spoilers here kids)

So long story short, he's chilling in 1973 trying to get back "home"(2008) but ya know, he's also like kicking ass and making friends (as a cop) in 73'. 

So final episode: 
Episode strolls cheerily along like most cop dramas do, till the end, when he finishes his mission, gets told he's going home by some creepy dude on a phone, and then WHAM!!! 

He wakes up on a spaceship (with all the same actors there with him) in 2035 on a mission to mars. Ha so he IS on mars for real? Or is this one of his crazy dreams?

Man, I gotta figure this out, I...
...I dont know what to say...

Should I stop watching bad cop dramas with Harvey Keitel in them? Especially if they are CSI/STAR WARS kinda cop dramas?

Remember when it was just about being in 1973 and confused?

Simpler Times...

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BeccaBuns said...

okay but you have to be able to walk before we can do that:) hehe get on your feet soon friend