Thursday, April 23, 2009


Without music life would be a mistake - Nietzche
So I decided to dust off my guitar today. Ha, not an overstatement. Had to actually blow the dust off my case. My guitar's missed me I think. I really didn't do anything productive, and after such a long time (prolly only played my guitar once in the past year or two, see i don't even know when the last time was, wow...) without playing, it was like talking to an old friend. Miss playing all the time, maybe I'll get to play a bit more once school is over (two more weeks, yiiikes, so many projects left... lol). Hope so


BeccaBuns said...

I sure hope you get to play more! I love hearing the guitar... then you could start playing stuff and posting them on your blog! cawazy

-Just- said...

haha i know it. there was a time i used to perform and crap, but it's been a long time. i need to get back to being good then maybe i'll post something :)