Monday, March 23, 2009


Where am I? 
Am I stuck here                                       and now
and                                                                     no-w

Should I be off to ny now? Toronto? Somewhere else?

I think it's time to apply to fit with my buddy and see if that helps shed light on my path.

Maybe someday I'll be half as good as Tauba Auerbach. She's amazing. Check out more of her work.


CatchMe said...

You're never stuck. Its up to you to make a choice when opportunity presents itself...but its gotta be right for you. Where will you be able to be you?

CatchMe said...

First of all, I'm totally following. Second of all...I absolutely, positively,love the banner.

-Just- said...

Hey thanks :) me too. And so I'm totally gonna keep trying for the fit, but it's not looking good. Let's hope that email gets through.

jyan said...

you should move to toronto and go to design school at ryerson and live downtown with me in parkdale or kensington and then we would ride bikes places.