Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roc Town

So just about to go to bed after a great time hanging out in Roc town. Love this city. Haven't visited in way too long. It's the fun times here that make me wanna move outa buffs. The best time's I've had in buff lately have been when a roc friend's come up to see a show (Aoiki at Soundlab anyone???). Buff's ok, but it's not like my college town. Gotta finish up the school right quick and get to the moving. Orrrr, just get to the moving. Hopefully soon. Night all, dream of new cities and sweet jobs, being with many friends, and seeing sweet shows every day.

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{A.Rumel} said...

Hi! Thank for the comment. I guess I don't really have just one medium cause it varies from photography, to painting, to jewelry design, to film and theatre. But you're right, I need to start posting stuff more!

Your blog is cool. . .I'll definitely start following it!