Sunday, November 2, 2008

sorta real (intoxication)

So i was gonn wait till tomoorrow to post the next post. buuuuut, its "push clockes forward night" so in buffalo that means you can drink till 5 instead of 4. which.... is kinda ridiculous, and you KNOW i tok advatage...... (lol, sorry if this is too sloppy to read, it was a good time). plus its the day after halloween so its obviously a little bit caaaaraaazy. anyways, in the spirit of drinking too much and listenign to good music here's some good ones:)
Faded Paper Figures
-Polaroid Solution.
Of Montreal
-The Past is a Grotesque Animal.

ps- i know this says i posted it at 10:15am. i had to wait for the music to upload online and i fell asleep so i just finished the post in the morning. enjoy

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