Saturday, November 22, 2008


So i've been looking for a new musical direction to head in. A new sound. A new way to experience things. I haven't played my guitar in months. Is it cuz i've moved beyond the realm of music as we know it? The REAL question is, should i buy a Tenori-On?? Will this bring back my passion of playing music??

Should i try my hand at this new mode of music? Am i the only one that loves this avante-garde instrument with a total 80's aesthetic?  

Should i be like like Norman Fairbanks and create an entire album with this new instrument?

Or should i just listen to B-Eno and get the same experience?

What do you guys think???

1 comment:

BeccaBuns said...

kinda pretty and yet kinda annoying at the same time..... still nothing quite like an acoustic guitar.