Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ok.. now for diminished austerity

Lol, ok back to the fun, no more seriousness for a bit. Just some great tunes that you should enjoy and a pic that i took with the lens i just bought. ha its fun, i gotta play with it more..

This is a song from Metal Hearts, an awesome little band from Baltimore. This album, Socialize was released in 2006, but I found it this year, so its new to me and awesome. Here's the first track from the album.

On overrated bands and new-ish music news. 
*****OH MAN, I'M DOING SOMETHING ALMOST CURRENT (a month aint bad)***** 
This is the best/only good song off of the Kings of Leon new album (released on sept 23rd), Only By The Night. Enjoy.  

Oh, and did everyone notice that once you start playing a song with the yahoo player, you can hide it to the left side of the screen, and can also scroll through all the songs i've posted so far? awesome.

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