Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, "I met a girl on Halloween" just like Mr. Sea Wolf talks about. And it was great. And it was sweet. And I was walking her home and just as we were walking up her driveway I remembered a short documentary I had watched a few days before...

Anyways... I got to thinking that maybe I should just let her off at the door, and head on home... And I've never looked back. So remember kids, as All Hallow's Eve approaches and all of us are dressing up in silly costumes and drinking til even the girls with skary masks on look kute, remember they could have the blood.. And I don't think any of us want to catch the BSD.

So be careful out there;
-always check your candy for razor blades
-your drinks for roofies
-and the sluts with fangs

Be Safe!!

1 comment:

BeccaBuns said...

it won't let me see the video ... stinky... happy halloween.... ummm yeah i like your new lens it's cool