Friday, July 4, 2008


So I'm interning with a small company that my professor set me up with. It's pretty cool, sometimes it's a little much cuz i'm like working 35-40 at the plant now, and sometimes i'm putting in like 15-20 at the internship, but i'm starting to learn some really cool stuff and it's gonna look good on a resume for sure. Basically i work for a POS (point of sale; you know, those touch screen things that servers or bartenders use to put in orders) company that also does website design, and other stuff like that. Anyways, i'm starting to learn a lot about this sorta stuff which is awesome, and i my boss says that i'll prolly start doing some design stuff sometimes soon. Oh, and i'm also the trainer for the POS systems for the restaurants that buy it, so that's cool.

Anyways, I often work out at his house/office in hamburg right on the lake so here's some pics I took one day like half a block from his house; overlooking the buffalo skyline.

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