Thursday, May 15, 2008


That night(5/10) we saw kanye. Good times for sure. 

Next day(5/11), we woke up (after sleeping in the car, and being kicked out of one area.. cuz we were creating such a havoc.. sleeping in the car.. whatever..) realized we had some time to kill before Radiohead, and went to see Ironman. Nothing's gonna be Batman Begins or The Crow if we are looking for the amazing comic book film, but it was pretty good nonetheless. 

After the movie, we decided to head out to the Pavilion to pregame before the show. So, we got our drinks,  food etc. plus a great array of games to play (it was already starting to rain pretty good, so we figured sitting outside, playing pong etc. was out of the question. Little did we know how the rain was going to continue..) I'm thinking the best outcome of this tho, was making a drinking game out of Monopoly (spanish edition of course.. lol)

Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my camera into either of the shows, but I got some pics of our time hanging in the car before radiohead; oh, and I snagged a pic of the band from flickr (def wasn't that close to radiohead lol). 

Yeah... so as you can prolly tell, it was POURing, by the end of the night I saw people wading through puddles almost to their knees. Ha it was nuts, oh and pretty cold too, but totally worth it..

There's joe chillin on the bumper watching/hiding from the torrential downpour. Lol, made it an adventure for sure.

Oh, and my stolen pic of radiohead below\/

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